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Develop Your Website using Content Management System!

A CMS is designed to simplify the publication of a web site’s content. CMS in particular allows content creators to change or manage the content without requiring them to know HTML coding or the technical knowledge of uploading files. For a website to be more successful and attract more traffic and to stay relevant , the content of the website needs to be updated in regularly. A well designed Content Management System helps to do this effortlessly.


Digitera Technologies offers customized web content management solutions that help you consolidate your entire web marketing efforts to one location, as well as give site editors an intuitive, effective way to manage all web content .We are proficient in both PHP and Microsoft .NET programming languages and can create a fully featured, custom developed content management system to fit your project needs.

The following are some of the open source PHP Content Management Solutions.

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Zend
  • myBB