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Social analytics for your Business

Social media analytics has emerged as a powerful tool for uncovering customer sentiments dispersed across countless online sources. As businesses feel the pressure to gain new insights from social media they require analytics expertise to transform this massive information into actionable insights.

Social media analytics provide organizations with meaningful insights into the data created by social website users so they can improve customer satisfaction, identify patterns and trends, and make smarter decisions regarding marketing effect the most common use of social media analytics is to mine customer sentiment. Businesses are investing heavily in software and hardware to study the online behaviour of customers and trying to directly co-relate these with revenue streams.

At Digitera Technologies, we do social media analytics for organizations to garner the power of analytics, making them more agile and customer oriented. We link the social media metrics to business practices.

First we identify the business goals of the client and determine the Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) for evaluating the data gathered from social media. For e.g., customer engagement is measured by the number of clicks and shares on the company's blog or number of followers for Facebook account and the number of shares mentioning the company's name.

The key processes in Social Media Analytics are Capture, Understand and Present:

  • Social Media data comes in many forms: blogs (Blogger, LiveJournal), micro-blogs (Twitter), social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn), wikis (Wikipedia), social news (Digg, Mixx), reviews ( Yelp), and multimedia sharing (Flickr, Youtube). By using various data mining techniques real time data is captured from these social sites.
  • We use a number of software tools for analysing the unstructured data gathered from the social media.
  • In addition to this, we also use enterprise-level social media tools to harvest and analyse data to provide more actionable insights for the client.