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Expert analysis for your business.


The rise of digital means there is a transformation of how the businesses reach the customers as customers tend to spend more time on mobiles, tablets and laptops. This generates enormous unsorted data which is only useful if it is sorted in a way that makes it insightful and help in quick decision making. What we do through Analytics is we can deliver valuable insights about the customers which can help improve the business by delivering high level of personalization and service that consumers expect. We help businesses understand their customers better and anticipate their future behaviour and needs.

The need to derive predictive and actionable insights from this data for improved business operations and better decision making is what drives Big Data analytics. Big Data analytics is the process of applying advanced analytics and visualization techniques to large datasets to uncover hidden patterns and unknown correlations for effective decision making. Through simple and easy enterprise-ready tools we want to give you strategic advantage over your rivals. Our partner-led model allows us to provide the customer with competitive services in delivering analytics applications for business problems through use of Big data and Analytics. We emphasize in understanding the business problem and solving the problem with use of Analytics. We offer complete services both in predictive and post-event analytics.

Transaction Analmonly Pattern Detection (TAP Engine)

TAP is state of the art analytical solution which is a self-learning Anamoly and Fraud detection Engine which can forewarn early before a transaction fraud is committed. TAP can be applied in Banking, Retail or Telecom where there are huge no of transactions happening in real time.

TAP works on SAP Hana Architecture as well as any other Data warehousing platform like Netezza or Oracle. TAP is offered through our Marketing partnership program with our analytics technology partner Compegence.